Below are a few of the function keys that you will find on any of our Lucid interactive keys. While this is not a complete list of the possible choices you will have, it is intended to get you started on some of the basic tools of the program. 

Refresh keyKey Refresh : This allows you to refresh the key at anytime and start the over from scratch.
Best OptionBest Feature: This determines the best feature for quickly separating out taxa  remaining in you entity list. You are not required to use this feature and you will be able to jump into the key at any feature level at any time.
Next BestNext Best Feature: Choose this after the best feature has been selected to follow the quickest route to the taxa in hand.
Description IconHTML link: When present, this opens a window in your browser to a website containing more information on any feature or entity.
Media buttonImage File: This allows you to view images within the key to facilitate feature or entity selection.
Multimedia IconsMedia Toggle On/Off: Thes two choices allow you to turn On/Off the feature or entity thumbsnail images. Do to the constrained nature of the player applet size, we recommend  leaving these Off.

Notes on the use of our Lucid interactive keys: These keys were developed with several sources that cover various geographic regions. These keys are very well developed but are not complete. Many of the sources used were existing dichotomous keys, which by their very nature limit the amount of information about the taxa they cover. Taxa that are quickly resolved in a dichotomous key have very few features listed, typically because of a few strong and unique features. This decreases the amount of listed morphological traits within a particular source and leaves holes in the data mined from that source. We have attempted to back fill as it were this information when possible, but in some cases were unable to find reliable or unambiguous data to include. If a character state or feature was unknown when these matirces were created, we scored those choices as 'unknown' in the key matrix. The Lucid program will not reject a taxa that has been scored as having unknown information for a particular feature and as a result, taxa may remain in the possible entitiy list even though a selection has been made that should have excluded it. If you make a feature selection that you personally know should exclude a specific taxa and it remains in the entitiy list, please let us know the key and feature number so we can research this further and improve these keys.

Aditionally, by using the Best Feature functionality described in the table above, you are following a computed best feature list that the Lucid program has calculated based on the amount of scored features for the all of the possible entities in the key. It will likely not coincide with your idea of the best feature for a particular family or group of species and should be treated as a streamlined method to resolving taxa using the data in these key matrices.

In order to help navigate fish topology and measurements used in these keys, we have provided general images for Fish Topology and Common Body Measurements at these links.

Comma-separated value files (.csv) for each of the available keys can be found here.

If you are interested in developing your own keys with this program, we have provided  links to some screen captures for the Lucid program that illustrate how the program facilitates data entry and matrix editing: 
Lucid builder - mainLucid builder - spreadsheet scoringLucid builder - score analyzer;  Lucid player - main; Lucid player - calculated differences displayLucid player - viewer